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VU Alumni distinguished as “CYBERIAN”

Published On:  Thursday, July 14, 2011

Virtual University of Pakistan proudly announces the name for its alumni. Since Virtual Universitystudents and graduates are hardworking, determined and able to face challenges of the world. On the basis of these characteristics of VU students, the name “CYBERIAN” has been finalized for the Alumni of VU.

Best of Luck “Cyberians”.

from VUsolutions HelpDesk..

The E-Magazine of Virtual University of Pakistan


Dear Cyberians,
We are pleased to inform you that the students of Virtual University of Pakistan have initiated the creation of e-Magazine “VU-Bytes”. Here are a few FAQs for your understanding about what “VU-Bytes” is exactly going to be:
1. What is an e-magazine?
A magazine is a periodical publication containing a wide variety of articles on various subjects.
We know a magazine is a monthly, fortnightly or weekly published journal containing articles, pictures, information that promotes some events, functions that are being run by an educational institute or any organization for the purposes mentioned earlier. It is a printed material which is meant for mass communication or in other words, it is an element of mass media.

But an e-magazine is the same with a difference that it is not about papers and printing process. It is electronic like an e-mail. We are going to publish this magazine online. This magazine is a non-profitable project.

2. How can I view or download the magazine?
The magazine will be downloadable by using SAVE option since the magazine will be in PDF format. Use the SAVE AS option and save the document at the path where you intend to.

3. Cool!! Now how can the students help in running the so called e-Magazine project?
As mentioned earlier, the arrangements are perfectly made for publishing the magazine. All we need now is, Human Resource. This e-magazine is to be fully run by the students of Virtual University of Pakistan along with the co-ordination of the University’s management.
4. What will be the content of this magazine?
With Virtual University being like a big giant octopus who has nation wide coverage as well as international students in various parts of the world, it is impossible to present every piece of activity, event or information in a single document. However, the e-magazine will try to provide students with the latest information about the University’s progress, plans, developments, future visions & goals. The magazine will also give an opportunity to students to test their skills by being a part of this project. Articles, journals, photography, poetry, short stories, virtually anything and everything can be the part of this e-magazine.

5. What should be the nature of articles?
The articles should be original, precise, relevant and genuinely authored. But if you just cut –copy-paste them from Wikipedia pages or millions of available websites, or forge with an already published articles from other magazines like ours either electronic or print media, it will be strongly discouraged. There would be the best possible cross check for copied material and plagiarism so that such immoral acts should be avoided to keep the process of the magazine smooth. One should be sincere to one’s alma mater.

Steps for Ensuring That Your Content is Genuine
  1. Write down everything in your own words.
  2. If you are using content from any other source, please mention the source at the end of your article / journal in APA style
    format for referencing.
  3. Please avoid sending us content taken from internet with modification or re-arrangement of words.
  4. Use search engines only to get information. Do not copy the idea / concept.
  5. Please respect copyrights laws accepted internationally.
  6. If we receive similar content from 2 different sources, we will ignore both.
  7. You can use software to find out if your content is not copied.
NOWAll you need to do now is write a sample article in your area of interest with a note expressing your special qualifications and submit to us onvu-bytes@vu.edu.pk 

Description of Areas of Interests
You can contribute your best by choosing any of the multiple options mentioned below:

Short Story:  Stories that come out of your imagination or from the events that you witness giving you moral lessons.

Essay / Articles / Journals: It is all about inner personal skills. Authors should write their own essays, articles, journals on various topics covering both university and global related issues. It could be virtually anything which they feel can add value to anything existing.

Poetry: Share your own poems in any language. Let others find out about your talent.

Events / Developments: Articles about the happenings in other colleges around us. Intimations for technical symposiums, cultural programs, sports, exhibitions, workshops, personality development programs, placement opportunities and so on.

Research and Discovery / New developments in Technology: Articles about latest happenings in the world as well as internet stuff for every issue will be included in this section. You must write latest trends in computing, new software applications in your field, discoveries and developments in other fields of sciences.

Profile / Interviews: This segment includes the personal interviews of the talented students from any field.

Academic Activities / Cyberian News: Updates of new systems and elements of our university. This includes events that take too much time to update in our university website. Remember! “VU-Bytes” must be an instant solution for everyone with queries. Get along with your old mates!! Be part of “Cyberians”.

Travelogues: In this segment, students can share the experience they got by travelling in and around their cities. Importance will be given to the places which are not usually covered by other print media.

Chef’s Book: Got skills in making specialties? Put down your exclusive recipes and cooking tips for any and every kind of food.

Fashion Corner: It's all about styles and looks. World is dominated by brands and emerging trends. Are you creative? Share the latest trends or one’s created by you.
If there is anything not covered by the above-mentioned areas, feel free to write down about it and send us. We will incorporate the same without hesitation provided it meets the merit to be the part of VU-Bytes.

Description of Posts
Supervisor: Supervises the operations of VU-Bytes.
Editor: Edits the collected articles suitably for publishing, moderates the content, and gives back reviews to the authors.
Sub-Editor: Assists the editor in tasks of moderation and reviews the content submitted by students.
Campus Representative: Acts as a representative for a particular campus.
Proof Readers: Will be responsible for proof reading the content submitted by students to ensure the linguistic accuracy.
Page Designer: Designs the e-Magazine’s pages and produces in PDF format and further forwards the documents to Web Content Management Team.
Web Content Manager: Processes the digital content online, sends e-Mail notifications to students, manages social networking sites; uploads e-Magazines.

Note: Here “Editor” refers to the person who edits the articles and moderates the content suitably for publishing. It does not mean the author. Any number of students and any one can write articles for the magazine. The editor’s job is to short list the articles of the students and give preference to the best articles, which are to be included in the e-Magazine.

All individuals who become part of this team will be assigned specific e-mail IDs for future communication.
Interested candidates should send the following information to vu-bytes@vu.edu.pkName
  1. VU Registration ID
  2. Study Program
  3. Semester
  4. Current Location
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Mobile Number
  7. Current E-mail ID
  8. Address
  9. Skills
  10. Own a Laptop or PC?
  11. Post applying for
  12. Area of interest